About us

Albufera Nature Tours

We are a tourism company committed to the environment, we believe in sustainable tourism. From Albufera Nature Tours we offer an unforgettable experience in the València lagoon, We are sure that our products will make you fall in love, and as a star product we offer you to participate as a spectator in the lateen sailing exhibition in the lagoon.

Our history

The Albufera has been a fundamental economic pillar for all the people who lived from it, rice, Fishing, The tourism, That is why we at Albufera Nature Tours know how important it is to take care of it and educate the new generations in environmental values ​​and sustainable economy..

Albufera Nature Tours has as a principle to respect the environment, we are committed to sustainable tourism, we want to value the Albufera Natural Park, scenery, Our traditions, that the life that exists in the Albufera Natural Park is known.


Our mission

From Albufera Nature Tours we would like to show you the plant and animal diversity of the Valencian lagoon located within the Albufera Natural Park, that they discover the lateen sail in the lagoon, the sunsets, the sounds, the tranquility, the late ones. Do not forget the exhibitions of Albuferenca boats with Latin sail, an ancient tradition, the Latin candle a traditional element that was used to work, to transport both people and animals or products to sell in the different towns located around the lagoon. It is nice to remember the importance of the Latin sail when the boats did not have an engine and the way to move was with the hanger or sail.


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